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Services Offered

Custom Web & Graphic Design

B2C Design offers a complete end to end solution for Custom Web & Graphic Design Projects.  Utilizing a combination of in house technologists, and accomplished graphic design partners, B2C Design can deliver everything from basic logo’s to highly customized, fully integrated, web solutions. B2C Design specializes in standards compliant xhtml/css implementation, and highly functional sites utilizing underlying technologies such as javascript, php, and MySQL. We specialize in anything from basic informational sites to full featured custom built sites.

XHTML/CSS Creation

·         Take a graphic design concept, often in photoshop, and translate to standards compliant XHTML/CSS code ready for deployment on a web server.

·         Code is written to align with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices.

·         Create standards compliant, CSS driven, navigation mechanism, including multilevel drop down and flyout menu structures.

Custom Backend Programming

Backend programming refers to code that runs on the server that enables your web pages to be intelligent and data driven. This allows you to implement any arbitrary business logic or functionality into your site. Basically if you can envision the functionality you need, then it can be implemented using backend programming.  The following is a list of some of the typical applications that use backend programming.

·         Inventory management and display, part order search and ordering, etc

·         Ecom Solutions

·         Event and resource scheduling

·         Blogs

·         Social Networking

·         Listing services

·         Booking & Reservation Systems

·         Content Management Systems


This list is certainly not comprehensive but hopefully gives an idea of the types of applications that backend programming can enable. The principals of B2C Design have written over 250K lines of backend code and have the experience necessary to realize your vision.


An Ecommerce solution allows you to sell products though your web site. This can be something as simple as a few products to a multilevel product catalog with extensive product options. B2C Design can create a completely custom Ecommerce solution, or can utilize one of the standard “off the shelf” Ecommerce solutions and integrate these into your site. We can also create client side javascript driven carts that can auto-update totals and options as the user is interacting with the cart without any additional page loads. B2C Design has had extensive experience interfacing with most of the common payment gateways and can build completely custom solutions around these interfaces.

Typical Ecommerce components consist of the following…

Web based management pages which allow you to:

·         Create product definition

·         Create product categories

·         Define pricing schemes including shipping cost schemes.

·         Manage historical and current orders

·         Manage customers/clients

·         Run Reports

The front end customer facing pages provide:

·         Product search and display, can be configurable

·         Customer cart management

·         Checkout and payment processing

·         Customer login

Payment Gateway

·         Interface to payment gateway

·         Payment Information Form

·         Transaction POST and response processing.

·         Log transactions to database

Content Management System

A Content Management System allows you to edit the content of your site via a web based interface. This can be anything from menu definition to general page content. It can also include image galleries, and site specific page content. B2C Design can utilize “off the shelf” CMS solutions such as joomla for example, or build completely custom CMS solutions for your site. In the case of an “off the shelf” CMS solution, B2C Design can create custom skins that match your site design, and also deliver custom code extensions if the standard CMS does not offer everything you need. The result is CMS driven site that doesn’t look like a CMS site, which is often what users don’t like when a site utilized a “canned template”. A fully custom CMS can be exactly tailored to your needs and is used when the “off the shelf” solution does not have the capabilities you require, or you are looking for a more streamlined implementation.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

B2C Design Offers a full range of SEO services.

Do you know if your site is optimized for SEO? Do you know what people are searching for in your market, what key word and phrases they are using, if your site content aligns with these? If you had your site developed some time ago, and it has not been updated in the last two years then it’s very likely that it is not SEO optimized. Even recently completed sites may not be SEO optimized if the web designer was not proficient in this area. Search engine technology is rapidly evolving and it’s important that you regularly review your site against the latest SEO best practices. It’s a bit like getting a regular maintenance check up on your car, if you don’t do it, and don’t swap out the oil every so often, then eventually it starts running inefficiently. Your site is similar in that it needs regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

Your site can be inspected for free, and recommendations made to make your site search engine friendly.  In many case the inspection itself will highlight other areas that while maybe not effecting SEO directly, could still be an issue for things like cross browser compatibility, navigation, accessibility, Web 2.0, and overall site layout (dated, to busy, bad color schemes, etc)

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Organic search results are those that are displayed "naturally" unlike paid advertising. Organic SEO is the use to of search engine to draw traffic by means of complex methods and techniques. The technique or optimizing is the process of attaining higher search engine rankings and directories via changes to a site to make it more search engine friendly as well as off page factors that influence ranking such as quality and relevance of incoming links.

Internet marketing research and studies have proven time and time again that in the majority of cases organic search engine optimization strategies are far more cost effective then pay per click (PPC) advertising. In fact in terms of absolute effectiveness, having your site naturally ranked (i.e. when a user simply types in a related search) is significantly greater than a Pay per click result. This is because a user will trust the natural ranking orders of magnitude more than a result that they feel someone has just paid for.

Benefits & Philosophy of Organic Search Engine Optimization

With the prevailing bidding war for top sponsored links, the internet advertising space is gradually resembles the real estate model where only large companies can afford the premium locations. Organic Search Engine Optimization, your companies’ position is maintained because of its relevancy and does not depend on advertising budget. With the upward trend of internet advertising costs, businesses that rely solely on Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising will see their budget deplete sooner, their revenue plunge along with their ROI (Return on Investment) while their customer acquisition cost go up.

Organic or Natural Search Engines Strategies should be the core of every SEO services company. Solely relying on paid options as a mean of generating traffic will be a costly endeavor with no sustainable results.

This is not to say that PPC and similar strategies don’t have value, but they should be utilized in conjunction with an Organic approach.

Services and Organic-Natural Optimization Strategies

§  Optimization / Key Word / Key Search Term Research:

§  This area is critical because without real data no SEO strategy can be developed. Simply guessing at what key words are relevant to your business is not sufficient; for all you know the key word you think is most relevant may be only the 20th most searched for phrase for your business type. What you need to know is what phrases and words to users most frequently use when searching for your type of business. In addition you need to see an analysis of what other potential phrase and words are related and what is their popularity. This is where we provide you with hard data. Starting with a combination of suggestions from yourself and our own business analysis we will provide you with spreadsheets of actual real data of how many searches users are invoking using matching keywords or phrases on the three major search engines (google, yahoo, bing). We will then suggest a set of the most searched for keywords and phrases.

§  This is the key to your organic search engine optimization campaign and you have the reassurance that you are starting with real data, not just a promise.

§  SEO Implementation:

§  Now that we know what users are actually searching for in relation to your business type, we can tailor your site content to align with this. This is done using best practices and White Hat techniques (Black Hat techniques such as auto link backs and spamming can get your site permanently black listed). The keyword/phrase analysis will be applied to page content optimization, robots txt files, url rewrite, internal links, alt tags, keyword density, prominence, and frequency, and site navigation.

§  Visibility Strategies:

§  There are number of different visibility strategies available...

§  Back Link Building – Link Exchange – Link Popularity
§  Link popularity is a measure that Search engine that search engines use to determine how popular and relevant your site is. Link popularity used to be a quantitative measure only concerned with the number of inbound links. However with spammers’ efforts to skew the fairness of the internet, Search Engine Algorithm gives more weight to the qualitative aspect of the incoming links. Google, for instance, will reward a site with higher ranking when the mentioned website draws quality inbound links that are relevant to its theme. Thus a website with quality incoming links will rank better then a competitor with many more irrelevant and poor quality inbound links.
§  Back Links are still one of the most important aspects in escalating your online exposure. This is because every link to your site is like a vote towards your Google page status. The more links that you have, the higher your rankings within the search engines will be. This means that a greater number of people will notice and click on your website.

§  Link Baiting

§  Providing something of interest in your website will create and induce a number of inbound links without having to actively solicit them. For instance, If you operate a site targeting potential home buyers or mortgage seekers, You may consider adding a free mortgage calculator or even offer the html code for another website to offer the freebie in exchange for a footer link. Providing freebies not only will pay off in leads, quality links, but positions you and your website as an authority and expert in the field.

§  Monitoring

§  This includes the installation of analytic tools into your site to monitor traffic and efficiency of the various marketing strategies. This is the stage where the tweaking takes place. Monthly ranking reports and constant keyword evaluation are a crucial part to assessing success and areas of improvement.

§  Article Submissions:

§  A well written article, meaning with both interesting content and Search engine optimized is an excellent way of promoting your site. Our copyright service insures that the article has a compelling and relevant content which means that an inbound link from an authority source positions your site as a reference at the same time positions you as an expert in the field.

§  Press releases:

§  Press releases are a powerful tool to tell the world your news, about your products, marketing alliances, products features or new business ideas.
Your search engine optimized press release not only will give you exposure but will also be optimized so that when they are posted online will bring you valuable traffic that will help boost your online ranking and visibility as a whole.


§  Social Networks & Forums

§  Social networks and Forums can be used to create a “following” for your business. Strategies include creating a environment where users want to share their views, photo’s, video’s around your business focus. You may need to “drive” discussion and provoke response, but at the same time ensure that this is organic and not forced. Users should not feel that they being “sold” something, but rather being part of a community. Your posts should be informative in nature, not a sale pitch.

§  Posts can also provide a good source of back links and providing your URL in your signature benefits your search engine optimization efforts by establishing a back link . This way you can not only generate one way links to your website but also attract other visitors to click on your website link.

Our latest site is a very sophisticated Daily Deal site implemented using php/mysql with dynamic deal view manipulation using javascript. Site features deal display by geographical location (City or radius from ZIP Code or Address), facebook & twitter integration, Google map integration, full user sign up & registration, automatic daily emailing, user, merchant and affiliate account management, full shopping cart with interface to for payment processing, and a comprehensive backend admin management capability.

This is fully custom implementation to the clients specification.

This was an 20 page product marketing and ecom web site for Sinol, a major national manufacturer of Allergy and Sinus Nasal Sprays.

The site is xhtml/css styled and features attractive bold graphics. The site was integrated with the customers chosen ecom solution, and provides simple product ordering capabilities.

The site features extensive information about the product, delivered in a clean presentation style. is a 17 page corporate presence site, which provides an overview of the business and the products offered.

The site is implemented in joomla with a clean corporate look and feel with extensive use of transitional image galleries and light boxes to display the products offered by the company.

The site also a basic contact page. is a 13 page ecom site for the promotion and sale of all natural dog treats. The site features a bright fun design.

The site has full integration with UltraCart ecom cart and payment solution, and a built in retail location finder integrated with Google maps and with an admin backend to enter new retail locations

Cumming’s Consulting Inc is a 15 page corporate presence site, which provides an overview of the business and the services offered.

The customer wanted a “shiny black” look and the graphics were custom created in Photoshop to meet that objective. The site also features a custom logo.

The site is now implemented in Wordpress. is a 17 page site promoting fraud detection services offered by Cheople. The Cheople fraud detection API as also developed by B2C Design and features an xml based request and response API for integration with 3rd party sites, as well as full database management of known fraudsters.

A full admin backend is provided for both site administrator, and each 3rd party merchant has their own login and admin area to manage their account. The site integrates with as the ecom/payment gateway solution.

The site is designed with a corporate/finacial services look and feel. is designed in a "splash page" format with bold brochure style graphics. Site features ecom integration, video, and rotating banners.

Interface to the fraud protection API is also implemented within the site. is a fully featured crowd funding site. This is a very complex and sophisticated site implemented around php/mysql which allows users to create projects for funding or to fund existing projects. Site features full social media integration, user sign up/registration, PayPal adaptive payment integration, Google map integration, image and video upload, and a very comprehensive backend for administration.

The site is currently in beta launch phase so there may be no active project right now but you should be able to check out the site from the link. is an informational, marketing and sales site for a Chiropractic Belt product. Site features a custom shopping cart, ecom integration, product informational pages, video's and animated header.

The site is currently now being managed by another company. However the current site skin and look and feel, header, shopping cart are all as were designed by B2C Design. This site was done on contract with another local marketing company who I believe the end client had some issue with.

Fresh Concepts

Fresh Concepts Sales Solutions ( is a product sales and marketing site with a large database driven catalogue of over 200 pages of product information.

The site is has corporate information pages, contact form, and a multilevel css drop down menu dynamically created from the product catalog. The site a clean fresh design.

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Oriented towards providing high quality professional services to marketing and media agencies, as well as quality conscious businesses looking for a distinctive online presence.
B2C Design specializes in XHTML / CSS standards compliant, creative, and search engine friendly websites. Our extensive back-end programming capabilities allow for any number of additional capabilities to be integrated with your site. These include everything from, E-Commerce, Content Management Systems, Database Interfaces, to completely custom business logic and/or functionality. If you can dream it... we can build it.
Most of all, we offer dependability. This may be an undervalued attribute in today's world, but we believe in delivering to commitments, in the time frame expected, at the quality expected, and standing behind our work.